Match game pm

match game pm

The very first episode of Match Game PM from with: Clifton Davis, Brett Somers, Charles Nelson Reilly. Bart Braverman, Betty White, Charles Nelson Reilly, Joyce Bulifant, Bill Daily, Marcia Wallace. Comedy · A high-stakes version of the classic game show, hosted by Gene Rayburn. A group of celebrities would be given a sentence with a missing word, which.

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Frequently, the audience responded appropriately as Gene critiqued the contestant's answer for the "world's biggest" question, he might show disdain to an answer such as "fingers" or "bag" and compliment an answer such as "rear end" or "boobs", often also commenting on the audience's approving or disapproving response. Taped July 22, for TBS. This show is not to be confused with an unrelated American show of the same name , which aired on ABC and was hosted by Bill Cullen in Facts on File, Inc. The champion was seated in the upstage red circle seat and the challenger was seated in the downstage green triangle in the pilot, it was a blue triangle seat.


Match Game PM (Episode 1) (Premiere)