Penguin yeti game

penguin yeti game

Yeti Sports: Bloody Penguin Baseball (aka Bloody Penguin Toss): Do you like to decapitate penguins with spiked clubs and use their heads for. Welcome to Yeti Sports: Penguin Toss. To play, just click on the game screen and a penguin will jump off the cliff and fall towards your Yeti. See how far your Yeti can smack the penguin across the icy snow. Hit him low to bounce Can you do better? Note: See below game for instructions and tips. penguin yeti game Menu Home Posts About Contact. Startseite Tierspiele Tierfiguren Yetisports. Um das Spiel zu zocken, brauchst du lediglich eine Maus. You can check out all the Yeti Sports games in the MethodShop arcade. Pingu Throw was created by Chris Hilgert in and instantly became an Internet cult hit. Say hello to Penguinz - the goriest penguin Flash game since Yeti Bloody.